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This Spring Vegetables Seed Collection is designed to help you grow hundreds of pounds of food. All of our seeds are heirloom and Non GMO. Heirloom seeds can be saved for future planting for years and years to come.

This Spring Vegetable Seed Kit includes:

*Bloomsdale Spinach(100)
*Cucumber Stright Eight(30)
*Radish JM(200)
*Roma Tomato(35)
*Large Red Cherry(35)
*Carrots Scarlet Nantes(300)
*Purple Top Turnip(200)
*Eggplant Black Beauty(50)
*California Wonder Sweet Pepper(25)
*Jalapeno Early Hot Pepper(25)
*Sweet Corn(25)
*Royal Bugandy Bush Bean(15)
*Blue Lake Pole Bean(20)
*Spaghetti Squash(20)
*Black Beauty Zuccini(20)
*Kohlrabi Purple Vienna(100)
*Bull's Blood Beet(100)
*Swiss Chard(100)
*Peas Oregon(20)
*Annual Gaillardia(200)

If you have any question please feel free to ask.
Happy Gardening!!!

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