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This bright reddish-purple cabbage will add vivid color to both your garden and your table!
The crisp, tender heads reach 7" in diameter and have good resistance to splitting! Red Acre cabbage stores exceptionally well for an early cabbage.
It is a popular variety grown as microgreens and baby leaf production because it adds color and variety to any micro-mix. At a very young stage the stems have a violet color and green leaves. When grown to full maturity it is a small compact short stemmed heading plant that produces hard round deep red-purple heads 5 to 7 inches in diameter.

Approximate seeds per pack: 100,250,1000

Days to maturity: 7-8 days for microgreen, 95-110 Days for cabbage

Life Cycle: Annual

Planting season: Late spring to early summer

Sun Requirement: Full Sun

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