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This famous heirloom pea was first introduced in the late nineteenth century by its namesake, legendary botanist, and colleague of Charles Darwin, Thomas Laxton. This variety produces luscious dark green peas that average about 4 inches in length. The Thomas Laxton Pea is resistant to powdery mildew.

As a Microgreens: These tasty organic peas can be sprouted or grown into pea shoots (pea microgreens) - which are our favorite. They are great in salads and can be eaten shortly after they “pop” or have grown their first or second set of true leaves.

Seeds per pack: 25 Seeds
Days to maturity: 60 Days

Days to maturity: 8-14 Days for Microgreens
Life Cycle: Annual
Planting season: Spring. Fall
Sun Requirement: Full Sun


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