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Seeds per pack: 100/250

Days to maturity: 25 Days or 6-10 Days

Life Cycle: Annual

Planting season: Spring, Fall

Sun Requirement: Full Sun

Deepest purple radish around. Easily grown in containers, and in any gardening style, you choose.  This radish is most commonly used for sprouts since it has such a deep purple stem, but why stop there? Grown to full maturity the root is deep purple and rich in antioxidants. With a fast maturity date and being cold tolerant, these can be grown in between crops that are slower growing like onions, cabbage, or tomatoes. 

This variety was developed specifically to produce reddish stems. Sprout stems are a colorful light purplish red with bright green cotyledons. And although the stems aren't as red as Hong Vit, Triton Purple has a tad more spice.

Triton Purple Stem Radish seeds were specifically created to show red sprouts. There are a number of red sprouting radish varieties, and the Triton Purple Stem Radish variety has the darkest color of the red sprouting varieties. The sprout stems have a beautiful purplish red hue with muted red-green cotyledons. This classic winter radish is better when planted later in the season, and it is great to harvest for winter storage because it keeps well. It can also be harvested for micro-greens at about day 12. As micro-greens, this prop will add a beautiful layer to any salad. When these attractive roots are allowed to grow to maturity the Triton Purple Stem Radish has delicious, firm white flesh and an attractive rose-colored skin. Radishes are a cool season crop that is quick to mature. Larger spacing between plants allows radishes to mature to a larger size. Consistent watering will tend to eliminate woody roots and make for better tasting radishes. This variation should be given 2-3 inches of space between plants at a planting depth of 1/4-1/2 inch. The rows should be spaced at about 12-18 inches. For a continuous crop, reseed every 10-14 days. Triton Purple Stem Radishes will reach maturity after 25 days.

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