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Jalapeno early Pepper is a Heavy producer, and you can harvest up to a week earlier than other jalapeno varieties. The peppers grow up to 3 inches long. This pepper is favorite in Mexican dishes. Use jalapeno peppers fresh, dried or pickled. Harvest jalapeno peppers at any stage of growth, from green to a matured red. Hot peppers can be grown in containers on the patio, and can also be grown indoors, providing they get enough natural or artificial light.

It’s recommended that you start these jalapeno pepper seeds indoors if outside is too hot or cold, so you can transplant them outside at the appropriate time. Warm temperatures above 65 degrees are required for pepper seeds to germinate.

Seeds per pack: 50
Days to maturity: 75 Days
Life Cycle: Annual
Planting season: Spring, Summer
Sun Requirement: Full Sun
SCOVILLE UNITS  (Heat/Hotness) -  4000  -  6000

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