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They originate from China. These are small, reddish-brown beans, rounded in shape with a point at one end. They have a strong, nutty, sweet flavor. Mainly grown for dried beans, its creamy texture is wonderful for use in soups and as a base for a sweet confectionery paste that is known best for its use as mochi filling. Pick young when the pods are green for fresh eating. For dried beans, harvest the entire plant at the end of the season to hang dry indoors before shelling the beans.

In the Orient, Adzuki beans are usually cooked to a red soft consistency and served with such ingredients as coconut milk. They are also cooked with rice, their bright color tinting the rice an attractive pink, as in the Japanese, Red-cooked Festival Rice. In the East it's also common to find, Adzuki beans sweetened with sugar and made into cakes and sweetmeats.

Approximate seeds per pack: 25

Days to maturity (Bean): 120 Days

Days to maturity (Sprouts):4-7 Days                                                        

Life Cycle: All Season

Planting season: Spring, summer, fall

Sun Requirement: Full Sun

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