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(Cucurbita maxima)

This gourd is dual-purpose-can be used in cooking or as autumn décor. These colorful orange and green gourds reach 8-10" in diameter and store well for future meals or decorating projects. The bottom half is usually a solid color and the top is generally beige with streaks of reddish orange and dark green. Turk's Turban Gourd seeds yield orange gourds that have a flavor similar to squash. Perfect for baking, soups and pies. The Gourd seeds do best in well-drained soil and full sun and can be harvested off the vine when ready. It matures in about 100 days.

Seeds per pack: 10/20/40

Days to maturity: 100 Days

Life Cycle: Annual

Planting season: Spring, Summer

Sun Requirement: Full Sun


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