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(Luffa cylindrica)

Sponge gourd is one of the popular vegetables like ridge gourd. The only difference is sponge gourd has a smooth surface. Sponge gourd belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae and genus of Luffa. This prolific, vigorous variety produces extra-long gourds, up to 15 per plant. The fruit has a green skin and excellent flavor. Fruit weighs up to 1 pound and is 1.5" x 33". Luffa can also be grown in containers around 5-gallon size. Containers must have good drainage and can’t be moved once the vines attach tendrils to other objects.


Approximate seeds per pack: 10/20/30/50

Days to maturity: 80 Days

Life Cycle: Warm Season Annual

Planting season: Spring, Summer

Sun Requirement: Full Sun

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