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Seven Top Turnips are more commonly grown and harvested for their lavish dark-green leaves, rather than their cream-colored roots. Seven Top Turnip are known best for their unique and tender foliage. To some, the roots of Seven Top Turnips are less edible, however, the smaller roots can be consumed after an early harvest. Easy to grow. The leaves of these plants grow just over 1’ and are often compared to mustard greens in terms of flavor. It is very nutritious and high in calcium, and tasty in salads or steamed. The dark green leaves reach almost 24" tall at full maturity of 45 days. This variety is also grown for sprouts and baby leaves.

Seeds per pack: 100/200/300/500
Days to maturity: 40-65 Days
Life Cycle: Annual, biennials
Planting season: Spring, Fall
Sun Requirement: Full, Partial sun

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