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(Luffa acutangula)

Angled luffa is also called Chinese okra or ridged gourd. This hybrid ridge gourd is highly productive with a fruit dark green in color, ridged. Fruit are generally 17-19 inch long and 2-inch diameter. The thick flesh is sweet and crisp. A healthy vegetable high in fiber, and minerals. Easy to grow and resistant to insect damage.

This gourd is used in varies Indian curries. You can also make Luffa Sponges (To process for luffa sponges, allow gourds to hang on the vine until they are fully mature and the skin hardens/dries. Remove skin and seeds.)

Note: Soak seeds in water overnight before planting to increase germination.

Seeds per pack: 10
Days to maturity: 80-90 Days
Life Cycle: Annual
Planting season: Late Spring, Summer
Sun Requirement: Full Sun

Customer Reviews

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Venu Varma
Seed review

Unfortunately only the Loofah seeds germinated. The other two seed types did not germinate (not even one). I strongly recommend that you include instructions on how start these seeds so that customers have a better chance of growing them.


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