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Dosakai cucumbers can be consumed both raw and cooked. When raw, they have an opaque flesh that is semi-sour and tart with slightly bitter seeds. When cooked, the flesh becomes translucent and soft with a tangy, sweet flavor. Fruit size are 3 to 4 inches long

The Dosakai Melons are used in India for pickling and for using as an ingredient in Sambar a type of lentil/vegetable stew prevalent in South India. They are as easy to grow as any other melons and are very productive.
Companion Plants: Lantana,Sweet Red Onion,Bee Balm, Dill,Orange (Citrus) Mint,Sweet Mint

Seeds per pack: 20/40
Days to maturity: 65 days
Life Cycle: Annual
Planting season: Spring
Sun Requirement: Full Sun

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