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( Trichosanthes cucumerina var. anguina)

This hybrid snake gourd produces lots of fruit. The fruit are dark green color with white stripes, growing up to 17-19" in length. Gourds weigh approximately 1/3 lb. Snake gourd can easily grow in containers (5 Gallon pot). Snake gourd flowers during daylight hours. Sometimes may need hand pollination to set fruit. Harvest young tender fruit before it matures to retain its tenderness. Use in curries. The shoots, tendrils and leaves can also be eaten as greens. Harvest Season Summer, Rainy season, Winter.

Note:-Snake gourd seeds are considered difficult to germinate. We recommend you to file the sides of the seed coat with a nail filer/cutter or soaked the seed in warm water overnight before sowing.

Seeds per pack: 10/15/20
Days to maturity: 60-70 Days
Life Cycle: Warm Season Annual
Planting season: Late Spring to Early Summer
Sun Requirement: Full

Other Name-Chinese Python Snake Bean, Potlakaya

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Jody DeRidder
have not sprouted

failed to sprout, despte soaking in advance and watering regularly

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